Donation Box Open


Our Donation Box is now open~!

If you are interested and willing to donate, feel free to email us at

We will use the donation we received on Upgrading our WordPress Site and Buying Raw Mangas for Translation

Any amount is alright, because we are currently losing funds. We will cease to exist if this crisis continues. *cries

We hope you can help us…;w;

Here are the PERKS of being a DONATOR:
1. You will gain access to our translated, downloadable mangas without Ads and Watermarks. So basically, only our Credits Page and translated manga pages without watermarks are there to download. :3
2. Early access to all our releases~!
3. You saved us from extinction.


*The available chapters given to donators are the chapters or projects that we released during the start of our donation box.
*It’s a donation, which means we will not force everyone to donate. This are only for those who are really interested and willing to help us in our journey.

This is ソルティ ポテト official website.


Salty Potatoes Admin


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